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IWS has instituted the prestigious “Shri Ismail Memorial LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” to honour and recognize the yeomen services of individuals to the welding Developments in India.
  Recipients of Life Time Achievement Award
Mr. D S Honavar 2004
Dr. Baldev Raj 2006
Mr. M L Gehani 2008
Mr. J K Nanda 2010
Mr. B Pattabhiraman 2012
Mr S M Mahajan 2014
Prof. Sunil Pandey 2015
Mr A V Krishnan 2016
Recipients of IWS Legend Award
Mr. S M Mahajan 2012
Mr S Sankaran 2012
Recipients of IWS Man of the Decade Award
Mr. N Rajasekaran 2012
IWS Instituted ‘Young Technologist Award’ for individuals.

Recepients of Young Technologist Award

Mr. Sachin Bhartia 2009
Dr P.Satya 2010
Mr. Krishnan Sivaraman 2012
Dr S Malarvizhi –CEMAJOR 2014
Dr K Devendranath Ramkumar 2016
IWS Instituted ‘Young Entrepreneur Award for individuals
Mr. Anand Purswani 2010
Mr. Vikram D Honavar 2012
Mr. Ravi Rajan, Vijey Electrodes 2014
IWS Instituted “Life Time Meritorious Service award” for individuals
  Recipients of the award
Mr. U Sankaran 2010
Mr. V K Shirgaokar 2010
Mr. S Samidas 2012
Dr S R Gollapudi 2012
Mr S K Goel 2013
Mr G Uma Shanker 2014
Mr V B Tamboli 2015
Dr V R Krishnan 2016
The MODI award and IWS award are given for best technical papers presented in IWS symposium.
‘National Welders’ skill Competition (NAWELSCOM) to motivate practicing welders in India.
IWS has instituted GB-SOJOM Research Scholar Award to recognize the best paper presented by research scholars in SOJOMS.
IWS SZ instituted S. K. MAZUMDER MEMORIAL AWARD to eminent personalities for the contribution in the field of materials joining.

Receipients of S K Mazumdar Memorial Award

Mr. C. Balasubramanian 2008
Mr. M. Kannappan 2010
Dr. G. Madhusudan Reddy 2012
Dr A Raja –AGASS 2013 2014
Mr. R Easwaran - SOJOM 2018 2018
Prof. Dr. DRG ACHAR Memorial Award for the faculty members of Engineering Institution in recognition of their distinguished services to the Welding Technology and Welding Fraternity.

Receipients of Prof. Dr. DRG ACHAR Memorial Award

  Dr K. Prasad Rao 2015
  Dr V Balasubramanian - AGASS 2013 2013
  Dr N Murugan - CWS 2015 2013
  Dr V Muthupandi- SOJOM 2018 2018
Zonal Meritorious Award

Receipients of Zonal Meritorious Award

  Mr. S. Singaravelu -SZ 2014 (IWS 2k14)
  Mr. Sanjaj Kadam 2014 (IWS 2k14)
  Mr. Ajay Kapur 2016 (IWS 2K16)
  Mr. S N Roy 2016 (IWS 2K16)
  Mr. M Kasinathan 2016 (IWS 2K16)
  ::Welcome to IWS::
::Welcome To IWS::