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IWS - Brochure 2K16   IWS -Newsletter - Jan 2016   IWS Membership Form   Indian Welding Society deeply mourns the demises of Prof. S.R. Deb, Former Chairman,IWS Eastern Zone and Dr. S.R . Gollapudi, Former Chairman, IWS Vizag. Centre   Click here to download IWS COURSE CALENDAR 2016-17     
Past Events
In the short span of 10 years, IWS has organised many international / national Seminars on variety of topics related to Welding.
  Symposium on Joining of Materials (SOJOM 2012) Tiruchirapalli January 19-21st 2012  
  International Conference on Challenges in Quality Fabrication of Pressure Vessels & Piping New Delhi November 14-15th 2011  
  Annual Welding Seminar (AWS2011) Mumbai May 6-7th 2011  
  International conference on “Advances in Cutting, Welding & Surfacing (CWS 2011)” Coimbatore January 2011  
  International Seminar on ‘Roadmap for Excellence in Welding” New Delhi November 19-20th 2010  
  International Welding Symposium (IWS 2k10) Mumbai February 10-12th  2010  
  National Welding Seminar  (NWS 2K10) New Delhi February 13-15th 2010  
  Recent Advances in Welding  (RAW2009) Bangalore September 11-12th 2009  
  Workshop on “Manufacturing Technology – Realms Ahead (ManTRA 2k9)” Tiruchirappalli September 7-8th 2009  
  National Workshop on ‘Environmentally Clean Welding Process’ Annamalai Nagar April 2009  
  ‘National Conference on Welding Technology’ Longowal February 2009  
  National Workshop on ‘Advances in Welding Technology for Fabrication Industries’ Coimbatore January 2009  
  Annual Welding Seminar ( AWS 2009 ) Mumbai January 2009  
  International Symposium On Joining Of Materials (SOJOM 2008) Tiruchirappalli December 2008  
  IWS 2K8 New Delhi February 13-15th  2008  
  ‘Surftec 7’ Chennai June 2007  
  RAISE 07 Annamalai Nagar May 2007  
  International Workshop on “ Advance in Welding Technology” New Delhi    
  Workshop on “Welding & Cutting Process” Bhopal    
  Workshop on CO2 / MIG welding Bhopal    
  National Symposium on “Welding Technology”  NSWT 06 Longowal February 24-25th 2006  
  Workshop on “ Joining of Thin Sheets” – Jothi06 Chennai1 February 22nd 2006  
  Workshop on “Latest Trends in Cutting and Welding” Bhopal December 9th  2005  
  National Welding seminar 2K5 ( NWS 2K5 ) Lonavla October 20-21st 2005  
  Workshop on ‘ Advances in Welding Science and Technology” Shibpur July 22-23rd 2005  
  Workshop on “ Welding Trends in Automotive industry” New Delhi July 6th 2005  
  Workshop on “ Sheet Metal Fabrication and Cutting Technology” Bhopal June 13, 2005  
  International Welding Symposium (IWS 2K5) Hyderabad February 18-20th 2005  
  Seminar on “ Welding Engineering for Manufacturing Industry” New Delhi October 25-26th  2004  
  International Symposium On Joining of Materials (SOJOM 2004) Tiruchirappalli July 2004  
  Workshop on “Stainless steel welding and fabrication” Puri April 2004  
  Workshop on “Welding of Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Titanium Alloys (WASTA 2004 ) Annamalai Nagar March 23rd 2004  
  Workshop on “Productivity and Quality Improvements in Welding” Goa February 21st 2004  
  Workshop on “Welding for Automobile Ancillaries” Aurangabad February 11th  2004  
  “Emerging trends in manufacturing Systems – ETMS 2004”   January 18-19th 2004  
  Workshop on Welding Productivity New Delhi January 8-9th 2004  
  National Seminar on ‘Advances in Welding and Fabrication (AWF 2003) Bhopal November 5-6th 2003  
  Seminar on Finite Element Analysis of Weldments Coimbatore August 18th 2003  
  National Workshop on ‘Titanium Welding – Procedures and Techniques’ Visakhapatnam August 12-13th 2003  
  Workshop on ‘Safety Health & Environmental Issues related to Welding’ Mumbai June 28th 2003  
  National  Workshop on ‘Welding Technology in India – Present Status & Future Trends   April 25th, 2003  
  National seminar on “Cost Effective Welding and Productivity” New Delhi September 2002  
  International Welding Symposium (IWS2K3) on the theme ‘Emerging trends in welding’ Hyderabad February 2003  
  ::Welcome to IWS::
::Welcome To IWS::