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Organisation of IWS

IWS is governed by a National Governing Council. The members of NGC are  elected through postal ballot system. The President is nominated by the outgoing Council and will retire after a term of two years.

IWS has adopted a federal structure. The geographic  territory of India is divided into five zone with their Zonal Head Quarters located as below

  North Zone New Delhi 25th Nov. 2002  
  South Zone Tiruchirapalli 23rd April 2002  
  West Zone Mumbai 20th Dec. 2002  
  Central Zone Bhopal 24th May 2002  
  East Zone Kolkata 4th June 2004  

Each Zone has an Executive Committee elected by the members of the zone by a postal ballot system. The Chairman of each zone is also Vice President of the NGC. The Secretary of each zone is also ex-officio member of the NGC.

Similarly Centers are established under each zone in cities where there is a cluster of members. The Executive Committee of each center is elected by the members by a postal ballot system. The Chairman and Secretary of each center are members of the respective Zonal Executive Committee. As on date 15 centers are established  as below

  Visakhapatnam South Zone 26th Sep. 2002  
  Kochi South Zone 15th Nov. 2002  
  Haridwar North Zone 5th Dec. 2002  
  Coimbatore South Zone 11th Dec. 2002  
  Hyderabad South Zone 6th Jan. 2003  
  Longowal North Zone 12th  Apr. 2003  
  Annamalai Nagar South Zone 5th Sep. 2003  
  Chennai South Zone 16th Oct. 2003  
  Pune West Zone 17th Oct. 2003  
  Angul East Zone 10th April 2004  
  Bangalore South Zone 8th April 2005  
  Ranipet South Zone 9th Sep. 2005  
  Mysore South Zone 11th Sep. 2006  
  Indore Central Zone 21st July 2008  
  Guwahati East Zone 14th March 2011  
  ::Welcome to IWS::
::Welcome To IWS::