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IWS - Brochure 2K16   IWS -Newsletter - Jan 2016   IWS Membership Form   Indian Welding Society deeply mourns the demises of Prof. S.R. Deb, Former Chairman,IWS Eastern Zone and Dr. S.R . Gollapudi, Former Chairman, IWS Vizag. Centre   Click here to download IWS COURSE CALENDAR 2016-17     
Objectives of IWS
The aims and objects of the society as established are as under:
  1. To promote the advancement of Welding, Cutting, Reclamation, Hard Facing and related technologies and other allied sciences which the Society may decide from time to time.
  2. To facilitate exchange of ideas, information, development work etc. amongst members; by organising lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and development programs; publish periodicals, books, journals, and magazines; and develop software and educational programs, video films and training packages relating to the objectives of the Society.
  3. To offer flexible class room/distance learning programs in various aspects of welding & related technology that suit the requirement of various levels.
  4. To promote professional exchange of information, experience and advanced training within and among various countries across the globe.
  5. To enter into arrangements for providing members of the Society with advice and assistance on all matters connected with the objects covered by this Memorandum.
  6. To admit any person(s) to be Honorary Member(s) of the Society on such terms, and to confer on them such rights and privileges, as may seem expedient.
  7. To approach, negotiate, confer with and/or act in any advisory capacity Government, Municipal and Local Authorities, and various economic segments/industries with respect
  8. To the objects covered by this Memorandum with a view to offer consultancy / advice to industry and other segments of the country's economy.
  9. To give awards, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to individuals/teams of professionals and organisations in regard to specific projects in various spheres of welding & related technology directly or in association with other professional organisations having similar objectives.
  10. To amalgamate with, affiliate to, become a member of, to subscribe to, and to communicate and co-operate with any other Scientific Society / company and other concerned bodies and promote measures for the furtherance of mutual objects and to promote any Company or Association or Society or Institution for the purpose of acquiring all or any of the property, rights and liabilities of this Society, or for any other purpose which may be directly or indirectly calculated to benefit this Society or to carry out its objects or any one of them.
  11. To make such rules, regulations and bye-laws as may from time to time be necessary for carrying out the above objects or otherwise.
  12. To make efforts to introduce Energy efficient and non polluting technologies for a cleaner environment.
  13. To provide Training and education of rural youth to help them settle for a quality Life.
  14. To promote any other activity incidental to the above objects but not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit as the Governing Council from time to time determine.
  15. The objects of the Society extend to all States and Union Territories in India.
  ::Welcome to IWS::
::Welcome To IWS::